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Statistical Consulting & Training


Statistical consulting: advisory discussions and computation of required statistics for Honours, Masters and PhD students and researchers. Rates will be quoted per project. Student discount available.

All courses can be customised to the client’s requirements in terms of discipline and content covered.  Rates will be quoted per course. Discount available for multi-day courses.

Information Management Systems Development


Including topics such as:

GeoNode spatial data repository development (www.algoabaydata.com), data management team coordination, database development and management.

Basic Introduction to Statistics


Including topics such as:

Measures of location and dispersion, Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing, Linear Regression, Analysis of Variance, Nonparametric Statistics, Multivariate Statistics

Basic Introduction to R


Including topics such as:

Importing data; Functions for confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, linear regression, analysis of variance, nonparametric statistics, multivariate statistics; Graphing with R

Data management and Data Analysis


Including topics such as:

Metadata, Data Archiving; Data repositories; Questionnaire setup, Data collection and storage, Methods for Data Analysis.

Experimental Design


Including topics such as:

Randomized Experiments, Measurement, Design Structure and Sample Size

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